Egg-Succulent Garden

Egg succulent garden

This is a great way to use an egg carton & old egg shells and make a baby succulent garden. Succulents are easy to propagate as they grow roots quickly. Just cut off a small top off of your succulent and stick it in half an egg shell filled with potting soil. Moisten the soil with a couple tablespoons full of water and stick you freshly cut succulent in! You can also just stick a leaf of a succulent in and it will also grow roots and create a whole new plant. Once they outgrow their shell just place it in a larger pot. This is such a fun idea to do around spring time, especially Easter. Place them in a sunny room, and give them a drink of water every week or so & they will thrive.

Egg succulent garden

Egg succulent garden

Egg succulent garden

Egg succulent garden


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  2. Jennifer   •  

    This is such a great idea! So glad I found your blog-thanks for sharing:)

  3. Katie   •  

    Wow this is a great Website. My sister is using this for her Succulent Garden Project

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