Oh Baby!


I have taken a little time off from the blogging sphere. Turns out 3 is….well, more than two! We have welcomed our sweet baby Theodore into the world. Thus, any spare time I have had lately is used for sleep, bathing, reading stories to older brothers, or mainly holding and staring at our sweet new addition. To me, there is no better experience in the world than having a baby…it is just pure magic. Beats European vacations, dining in fancy restaurants, days at the beach or being poolside any day. The sweet snuggles, the smell, the family bonding…it is just such an adventurous journey. One that takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but that just makes the reward so much sweeter. My husband is such a trooper and has selflessly helped me through each pregnancy and labor with our boys…turning each experience into priceless moments and memories that we both will cherish forever. I truly couldn’t have done it without him. I feel so very thankful this sweet baby boy and for my family full of boys…and our dog Stella who is a girl…but lets be honest, she may as well be a boy with her muddy paws.

We still have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and I will get back into th swing of uploading it all to the blog to share….

Here are a few pics of our new little guy Theodore, who we will also call Dorr, after my great grandfather Dorr.

sharingthyme.com Me with my food processor in the background. I wish I could say it is not always on the counter cluttering up the kitchen, but it is. always. out. sharingthyme.com sharingthyme.com These photos were taken by a sweet friend Courtney Waugh. You can find her website here courtneywaugh.com


  1. Elyse   •  

    Just dreamy! Love this family!!!

  2. Amy   •  


  3. rachel   •  

    Those photos are so precious!

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