About Me

Hello! My name is Maggie and I am the cook, author & photographer of this little blog. I wanted to easily share some of my favorite recipes and how to prepare them at home. I love living life in the kitchen, outside and most of all around a table with fabulous, fun and easy food with friends and family. I grew up with five siblings and a Dad who is a restauranteur. Really, it’s the perfect job for someone who has six kids. I wonder if they planned it that way from the beginning. Growing up we would eat out often at our family restaurant, but cook more often at home with Mom and Dad, who are both pretty amazing in the kitchen. My Dad would always be in charge of the big meats, while my Mom would make the bread, soups, salad dressing, and dessert. We would all have jobs to help out with the process. I learned so much from them over the years, and enjoyed every part of it, except for drying the dishes of course. That, never fail,  was always my job. To this day I would much rather be a washer than a dryer! After I got married I decided to go to a year cooking school in Boston, while my husband was in grad school. The year was filled with a lot of work, reading and laughter with new friends who all loved food as much as I did. I wasn’t quite sure what would be in store with my degree for the future, but I did know one thing. I would be cooking for the rest of my life. Fast forward several years…working long shifts, moving back home and helping open a new family restaurant. I get to be a stay at home mom, which is an absolute blessing. My dream job,  I love it, cherish it, and I would not trade it for the world. When I am not trying to get dinner on the table at lightning speed, or rush out the door for baby appointments I will try to document my cooking process, most of the time with my iphone, and share with you here on the blog the recipe and steps that got me to the final product. Here are some of my favorite recipes, most of them my own, and several adapted from others. Please enjoy!

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